Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Top ten tips on social media and contact in adoption and fostering

Following the launch last week of our guides on managing contact in adoption and fostering and social media, we have brought you a handy top ten tips to get you going. The full guides for both parents and professionals are available to purchase on our website.

Top ten tips

1. Talk openly and honestly with your children about social media, contact issues and the risks involved. Then work together to come up with solutions.

2. Look at privacy settings so that your children’s profile can not be seen publicly, and also hide lists of ‘friends’.

3. Explain to your children the risks involved in accepting random unknown people as ‘friends’.

4. Make sure they are not making public information that could help identify them, such as their date of birth or address.

5. Discuss the possibility of using a nickname online instead of their real name, perhaps even having an unusual spelling (e.g N1ck Sm1th).

6. Avoid using profile pictures. Instead use the default pictures or something generic like flowers, landscapes, football team logos etc.

7. Children should be discouraged from posting any information about their school or local area.

8. Don’t tag children in photos posted online, and ask friends and family to be aware of this also.

9. Make sure your children are aware of the risks of joining groups or networks that identify where they live or go to school.

10. Make sure your children know how to ‘block’ people so that if they do receive unwanted contact it can be managed.

For more information about contact in adoption and fostering visit the Be My Parent website

Photo posed by models by Sharon Aldridge-Bent

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