Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Creating sustainable futures for children

If we care about children we must look at issues that affect them now and in the future. We believe that climate change is a reality and the ones most affected are children.

The services we provide are essential, but we recognise they are also energy intensive. From the paper we use to print leaflets, books and newspapers, to the water used in our air conditioning systems - all of it has an impact on our environment.

To address these concerns a group of volunteers at BAAF set up the Sustainability Action Team. The team look at every function of BAAF’s operation, and see if there are ways to make the organisation more sustainable. So far a waste recycling system has been introduced; we have installed energy saving devices on electrical equipment; we have introduced a Cycle to Work scheme; and we have done an audit of our paper and printing services to ensure that we are using either recycled paper, or paper from sustainable forests.
Our latest challenge in our Head Office and Southern Region office, is to sign up to the 10:10 campaign. The campaign aims to get people to reduce their carbon footprint by 10% within the next year. We will be doing this across three key areas: fuel usage; vehicle usage; and flights. We are exploring the possibility of rolling the initiative out across our regional offices later in the year.

Climate change is an issue that affects all of us, but particularly children. If you want to see what you can do as an individual to tackle climate change why not sign up to the 10:10 as well.

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