Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Adoption comes to life in Child Appreciation Day

Life or Child Appreciation Day give prospective adopters the opportunity to meet with people that have met the child that they are soon to be matched with. At this stage the prospective adopters have not met the child. The Child Appreciation Day is an opportunity for them to make the next all important decision. Prospective adopter, Ali tells us about the Child Appreciation Day they went to recently.

We started our day very early in the morning and with a very long journey ahead of us. We were looking forward to making the journey as we felt it was important to meet the people that knew the child we are hoping to adopt, who we simply call “Junior”.

Even though we had read Juniors Child Permanence Report (CPR), back to front, and upside down, there is nothing that can replace meeting the people that have worked or lived with him. It was planned that we would meet Junior’s foster mum, his family support worker and teacher. His social worker was also there.

The meeting started with a cup of coffee and the various people arriving at staged times. We started off by talking with the family support worker, who has known Junior for the longest time. She explained about the family situation, and how Junior ended up being in care. Most of what she had told us was in the CPR, but there were little tit bits that we hadn’t known before (e.g. his grandmother hadn’t said goodbye to him!).

Then the foster carers arrived, not just foster mum but foster dad too. They were very friendly and we asked for a warts and all version, not the rose tinted glasses one as we were already sold on. That’s what we got!! We got to ask them lots of questions that only they would know the answers too, like what he eats for breakfast & what are his favourite toys, as well as listening intently to what else they had to tell us about him.

Finally we were very lucky that his teacher was able to join us. We felt very privileged as she is with Junior for probably what is the biggest chunk of his waking day. She described him as being bright and friendly, easy to get on with, a little naughty at times, but able to take criticism and politely know when to back down.

We found the whole meeting invaluable. We really did appreciate all the time that the foster carers, social workers and his teacher had given up to come to chat with us.
The meeting ended with just us and juniors social worker. She looked at us expectantly once everyone else had gone. We both looked at her and said, almost in unison: “Don’t worry, it hasn’t put us off.” She breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Matching Panel – here we come!!

Hear more about Ali's adoption journey at: http://www.juniorcampbell.blogspot.com/

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