Monday, 8 November 2010

Champions of all ages promote adoption

Elsie, one of BAAF's older Adoption Champions. She was adopted in the 1930's and here shares her story.

I was adopted at eighteen days old. I have always known I was an adopted child, I believe this has been really important that I have had this knowledge. In my memory I was about three when my mum told me for the first time what seems like a fairy story, of her desire to have a baby girl (she already had a son of her own, age fifteen). I loved this story and enjoyed it being retold time and time again. This made me feel special and loved. As I grew older I realised what the story meant and what the word adopted meant. Very wisely my mum added the information that she had of where I was born and to whom and she gradually answered my questions as I asked them over the years. I know the way in which I was told made me feel special, wanted and loved and consequently I have never had a serious problem with the fact that I was adopted.

I was between the age of four and five when I started to wish I had a sister. I recall hearing some of the conversations between my granddad, mum and dad as this was discussed and the result was that my parents adopted another baby girl. We have always had a loving relationship.

There have been many times during my life when I have thought of my birth mother with curiosity especially on my birthday and wonder if she has thought of me. As a mother myself, I feel she must have. I have often hoped and prayed that she knew I have not been affected in an adverse way by being adopted.

There have been many occasions in my life when other people’s comments regarding adopted children have been momentarily hurtful. But I believe that because of the security in my upbringing these comments have affected me no more than any other thoughtless comments that one encounters in life.

My story is a positive one due to the security of love I experienced within my upbringing

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Anonymous said...

Thank you your story gives me hope that as your mum & dad did I will bring my baby up with the same love. So she will have no real problems with being adopted.

Thank you

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