Thursday, 31 March 2011

Why we decided to adopt

Paul and his partner David adopted a sibling group of two boys in 2006. Here, Paul explains what led them to the decision to adopt.

During National Adoption Week 2005, my partner and I read a story about a male same-sex couple who had adopted. The article highlighted the changes in the law which meant unmarried couples could now adopt jointly. This made us start thinking seriously about adoption.

We were incredibly lucky in that we read the article during National Adoption Week in October 2005, then called social services and had an initial meeting with them pretty much straight away. There was a place on the adoption training course that December, which was fantastic because sometimes it’s a three or four month waiting list around here. There was a social worker living very close to us, so as soon as we’d finished the course, she was assigned to us and we went to panel in June/July 2006. We were matched in the September, and the boys moved in during half term of October 2006. So that was 12 months start to finish!*

So many things fell into place just right. I’m so grateful that things worked out for us.

Did you apply to adopt after seeing something during National Adoption Week? Please let us know by completing our short survey.

*Timings may vary for area to area and case to case.

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