Monday, 11 April 2011

The day I adopted my son

Adoptive mum Junice looks back 14 years and tells us about the day she welcomed Jacob into her family.

Jacob was only eight months old when I adopted him. I remember going to the foster carer’s house for my first introduction meeting. Jacob was so small. He sat happily on my lap and played with my car keys and an empty pack of tic-tacs - it’s funny the things that you remember.

That Friday afternoon when I first met my son and when he first smiled at me, I was amazed because he had dimples like me and the rest of my family. Having him sat on my lap felt so right. He didn’t fuss or cry - just sat happily, with my keys, his little afro and smiled. I became a parent on that day.

Bringing Jacob home was a bit of a shock. Most new mothers have nine months to prepare for parenthood – I had a few days. After spending four days visiting Jacob, I spent that last Thursday evening as a single person preparing his nursery and for motherhood.
I brought Jacob home on a Friday; a day we still celebrate 14 years later - our “Home Coming Day”.

In the first month I didn’t get dressed before midday. I didn’t know that one small person could have so much stuff and I had to buy more stuff that I had forgotten like a highchair and baby bath. Years later I look back and wished I had tried more - used real nappies and had taken more photos. I am so thankful for a baby that slept through the night; a happy child, and family and friends that embraced him without question or doubt.

Now he is almost 14 years old, he does not need me in the same way, but I still treat him as my baby ....... most of the time!  I still make his packed lunch for school, make his bed and run his bath. I could go on - I take my duties as a parent very seriously! I have ensured that Jacob is cherished and feels extraordinary - because he is. He has made our family what it is today – an amazing unit that fits perfectly into our extended family.

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kaz said...

wow that it so good to read as my baby came home at 11mths and is now 2 and my dreams and prayers are for her to be just as happy

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