Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A film about adoption: A Home For Maisie

BAAF, together with several other organisations including Adoption UK and PACT, have sent out a press statement regarding the issues raised in the BBC documentary ‘A Home For Maisie’ that was aired last night. To read the statement please go to: www.baaf.org.uk/node/3356
(C) BBC/Les Wilson

If you missed the documentary and would like to see it, it can be found on BBC iPlayer: http://bbc.in/gxflYK

If you'd like to hear other people's views on the documentary, read on below for a roundup of the Twitter chat. Don't forget to add your own comments!

Met this couple a few years back - they are amazing. #ahomeformaisie

RT @waveyjane: Just finished watching #AHomeforMaisie on #BBC, and just finished crying...

RT @RuthStivey: one day I hope to have a house full of kids like that #AHomeforMaisie ....me too!!

@PACTCHARITY Thanks for the RT #ahomeformaisie

Of course I cried. Of course. #ahomeformaisie

#ahomeformaisie Humbled and inspired by the amazing people on this show

Just watched a brilliant programme #ahomeformaisie - the world's a much better place for lovely people like them

@Psyclyst A
It rounded up a day of thinking about people who find it hard to hope #ahomeformaisie #attachment

If u were amazed by adopters in #HomeforMaisie then maybe try 'If you don't stick with me who will?' which I compiled for @BAAFAdoption

#homeformaisie http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2011/apr/09/sue-and-jim-clifford-home-for-maisie

@AlexiMostrous Remarkable weren't they. #homeformaisie

just watched #homeformaisie about little Maisie who wanted to be adopted. Very moving

just watched that programme with the little girl #maisie, sooo touching, big shouts to mumma and papabear, blessed to have good parents xxxx

#Maisie - wow what a program. I take all of my hats off to Jim & Sue.

Just watched A Home For #Maisie. Totally inspiring family. Sue and Jim are pretty amazing people.

Food for thought or what - wishing her a long and happy life #maisie

Well done #Maisie and #familyfutures. You're brilliant.

If you were moved by #ahomeformaisie please visit www.pactcharity.org to find out how you can support our work, adopt or foster

one day I hope to have a house full of kids like that #AHomeforMaisie

#AHomeforMaisie what about the ones who aren't adopted? @WhoCaresTrust reaches kids in care directly, giving (cont) http://tl.gd/9pq16f

Powerful documentary #ahomeformaisie . The past 3 years I've seen how positive adoption can be on a childs life with therapy, take note Gov!

RT @Lizziemouse: Jim and Sue - you are hugely inspiring - you have a beautiful family, thank you for sharing Maisie's story #ahomeformaisie

Just watched #ahomeformaisie on BBC 2. Was trying so hard not to cry. If they hadn't adopted her, I definately would have done.

Absolutely outstanding documentary #ahomeformaisie £300k pa for secure care or <£50k pa for therapy? No brainer? Jim & Sue I salute you.

#AHomeForMaisie..wonderful *blub* #heartwarming. #bbc2

Just watched #ahomeformaisie and was blown away. So touching. <3

Just finished watching #AHomeforMaisie on #BBC, and just finished crying...So much respect for adopters

PACT is looking for people who become a forever family for children like Maisie #ahomeformaisie See www.pactcharity.org

if you liked #AHomeforMaisie check out the work @WhoCaresTrust does for kids in care...

Watching BBC 2 #Maisie ... in absolute awe at parents that adopt and go through hell and back to support kids who need a break.

Watching 'A home for #Maisie' bbc.co.uk/news/education… hard viewing

Don't normally watch programmes like #homeformaisie but it was really interesting. How many people would just walk away from that situation?

What an amazing couple #homeformaisie I feel very humbled

incredible parents #homeformaisie

very tough telly #homeformaisie

Don't watch #maisie on #bbc2 just now unless you have a big box of kleenez

watching a home for #maisie on BBC2

Can't bear the show about #Maisie. Reading a book instead.

If you are considering adoption, please visit www.bemyparent.org.uk for further information and advice.

What did you think of the documentary? Add your comments below!

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