Wednesday, 2 November 2011

National Adoption Week Film competition – winner announced!

Back in the summer we launched our first ever National Film Competition. The idea behind the competition was to give people with experience of adoption a new forum with which to communicate their passion. Film can be incredibly powerful, and with the rise of social networking sites, such as YouTube, it's become even easier to share with others. It is the perfect medium for inspiring others.

We shortlisted six people, all of whom were invited to a ceremony in London hosted by the BBC's Nicky Campbell, as part of National Adoption Week. It was great to see so many passionate adopted people and adoptive parents together in one space. It seemed they were less concerned about who won - they just loved being part of the competition and National Adoption Week in general.

But we realise you may want to know who won, so here are the awards in reserve order...

The bronze award went to adoptive mum, Charlotte Carson. Her film was very moving and even gained the attention of Stephen fry on Twitter. You can see Charlotte's film on YouTube.

The silver went to Jessica Emmett, an adoptee from Hong Kong. Jessica is a contemporary artist who created an unusual but powerful short film about her own experiences. You can see Jessica's film on YouTube.

And finally, the gold went to Greg Shearman, and adoptee and an adoptive father. His film was simple but funny and honest. Watch Greg's film below:

The awards were judged by an illustrious panel, including BAAF Chief Executive, David Holmes, Nicky Campbell, and actress Clare Grogan. However we also had a People's Choice category, which was judged by the Great British public. This award went to the film that got the most views on YouTube. In total the films were viewed over 2500 times. However, one film gained a big chunk of those views – with 504 views, Charlotte Carson won the People's Choice award to go along with her bronze.

On the night, Charlotte said: "I'm completely overwhelmed. It's been amazing and I'm proud to be involved in such a special week."

If you are interested in getting involved in helping spread the word about adoption then visit our Adoption Champions website.

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