Monday, 12 December 2011

What Christmas means to me and my adoptive family...

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Recently, we took to Facebook and Twitter to ask you to sum up what Christmas means to you and your adoptive family.

With just under two weeks to go until we all tuck into the turkey Xmas Day, we take a look at the best responses:

"Love this time of year, especially given that we brought home our little girl 10 days before Christmas #adoptioniswonderful"

"simply the first christmas you share with your adopted children seeing their smiles and happy faces makes all the waiting worth while."

"I am the proud God Mother to a child adopted by a fabulous woman who is a close friend, and also happens to be an adoptee. My GS was welcomed into his family just before Christmas and December happens to be his Birthday month. Always a special time to give thanks for family and count my blessings. :-)"

"family,love,happiness,smiling faces+pure joy that we are a family+thanking the powers that be our youngest is still alive"

"this christmas is our first as a family........ waited 7 years for this. Lets hope Santa visits :)"

"Christmas is the best knowing my daughter will now grow up every year with her family and be with her whole family on christmas day always."

"We've waited a long time for our little girl and now she is here with us, it feels like all our Christmases have come at once! 8-)"

"The tree is all wonky this year, the tinsel isn't straight and there is more glitter than I have ever seen, but it was done by my 2 wee angels in celebration of our first family Christmas together. Absolute joyeous occasion!"

"Adopting our daughter last year brought the magic back to Christmas for us. Santa brought the best gift imaginable."

"10 years on and we have a young man who now thinks he will get a present. Having had years of not being at all sure that he will get one, this is massive progress."

"My son's comment "I love Christmas with my family!" He has lived with us for eleven years and I still feel happy when he calls us HIS family!"

"Chocolate before breakfast, mince pies, Away in a Manger, gifts for the teachers, reindeer food, Christingles, getting the tree, hiding presents in strange places, amazed whispers at 4am, manic excitement, turkey in the oven, early glass of wine, family film on the telly... and a tired but very happy moment snatched alone with my other half watching them when they've finally crashed out."

"Xmas means...Family memories and stories to save for the kids when they're grown, as part of their journey"

"2 years on the 14th that we adopted our son, no better xmas present ever x"

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