Wednesday, 27 June 2012

First ever National Adoption Week Awards announced!

In 2011 we launched our first ever National Adoption Week Film Competition. The idea behind the competition was to give people with experience of adoption a new forum with which to communicate their passion. Film can be incredibly powerful, and with the rise of social networking sites, such as YouTube, it's become even easier to share with others. It is the perfect medium for inspiring others.

This year, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the campaign, we are launching the National Adoption Week Awards! The categories for the 2012 awards will be as follows:

• Adoption Film of the Year
• Adoption Champion of the Year
• Supporter of the Year
• Adoption Social Worker of the Year
• Adoption Service of the Year

For further info about the Adoption Film category, continue reading below. To find out more about the other strands, head on over to the National Adoption Week website.

As part of this year's National Adoption Week Awards we are launching a short film competition with the chance to attend an awards ceremony in London, and of course raise awareness of adoption. You don't have to be a professional film maker, or even have professional equipment. Some great films have even been made on mobile phones. So why not give it a go by making a short film about what adoption means to you?

We've deliberately left the theme wide to allow you to interpret it in the way that means most to you. As National Adoption Week is all about encouraging other people to adopt, the judges will be looking for films that are creative and inspiring to anyone thinking about adoption.

How to enter
1. Make a video about what adoption means to you
2. Upload your video to YouTube and tag it NAW2012
3. Register your details via our website and send us the YouTube link

Here's a short video that explains the process a bit more:

To watch the winning entries from 2011’s film competition, please head here:

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