Wednesday, 19 May 2010

From fostering to adoption

Avril and Ron have gone from fostering to adoption with a two of their children. They also have three birth children - here's a snap shot of their experiences.

Ron and I started fostering over 25 years ago. We started as respite carers with children with disabilities and soon realised that we and our family of 3 birth children were ‘made’ to foster!

We had many happy years taking in children for all different sorts of reasons. We often had large families in crisis situations and Mums visiting and contact arrangements - then Social workers visiting and meetings going on. The house was always buzzing with activity!

We frequently had young babies and loved caring for them, stimulating them and encouraging young Mums to share the delights of development and taking responsibility. Many people have said to us over the years – “I would do that but I could not bear to give them up”. But that has been the best part for us!
We have had the privilege of caring for that child, helping them and moving them on to a happy secure future whether with birth parents or onto adoption.

Adoption is our favourite though! Seeing a childless couple come through our door and introduce them to their child is a unique experience! It is sad and we miss them – but we would have a very full house if we did not move them on!

Having said that we have adopted two of our fostered children! Simon was here from 7 months old . Sadly his adoption plans went awry. He had had enough knocks and we were eventually able to adopt him when he was 7. He has certainly not been easy to look after, but we have loved him - no matter what. We are convinced he will get there in the end!

Dominic came as a baby too, but with many disabilities, He has full blown FAS, but is an adorable child who meets each challenge in life with huge courage and a love of life that is truly amazing. We now foster children with disabilities because we can cope with all the demands and have a long term placement of a child with cerebral palsy.
These children are amazing and although the care is complicated and sometimes challenging it is very fulfilling work and we have somehow accomplished a way of adapting our family life into a ‘professional’ but caring environment for our children to reach their full potential - and it is such fun!

For more information visit the fostering section of the BAAF website or read more fostering stories on the Be My Parent website

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