Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Collection of adoption blogs brings National Adoption Week to an end

During National Adoption Week we posted several blogs, each telling a unique story of how adoption can affect people in different ways. Although this year's campaign is now over, here is a final selection of our favourites:

Half an inch of dust is a compelling account of an adopted person whose teenage pregnancy resulted in giving her own child up for adoption. Able to empathise with her birth mother, she went on to trace her and describes their reunion. Later on she too has been fortunate to be reunited with her own birth child.

Tigerlily-Tigerlily is a blog that reflects on the moment that changed her and her husband’s lives forever: when their social worker told them the news that they had been matched with baby Grace.

Now a grandparent, Jean re-tells her story of being an inter-family adoptee. Surprisingly there are over 300,000 inter-family adoptions in the UK and this blog reveals a few of them.

Read the Chandler’s heartbreaking story which lead to their decision to adopt. Finally there is a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel.

Nicola has a sister who she has never met and is not supposed to know exists. National Adoption Week inspired her to share her secret….

Read this story written from the perspective of a prospective adopter who is anxiously waiting for a child to join her family.

A selection of blogs written for National Adoption Week including a particularly moving story told from a birth mother whose daughter was taken away from her many years ago. Also a tribute to an adoptive mum following her recent death.

Sam relates the touching story of re-visiting her old home with her newly adopted daughter and all the memories that this conjured up from her past.

‘Positive about adoption’ takes a different spin on the adoption process, claiming that it should be hard work and a challenge, as you are being selected for the most important role that life can offer.

Read about an adoptee who defends her decision to refuse to trace her birth parents, touching on the nature v nurture debate.

If you have read any other adoption blogs that we have not included, please post them below in the Comments section.

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Essex County Council said...

Hi there,

Some inspiring blogs here.

This isn't a blog as such, however, to coincide with National Adoption Week, Essex County Council created four short films of adopters talking about their experiences of adoption, the challenges, the joys and advice to those thinking about adopting. They can be viewed at www.youtube.com/essexcountycouncil

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