Monday, 6 June 2011

Dads in adoption and fostering celebrated this Father's Day

We at BAAF think dads are really important to families, but sometimes their contribution can be overlooked. That's why, for Father's Day we try to provide opportunities for all those great fathers out there to get their voices heard. In previous years we've worked with journalists to run features in the media, run stories on our blog, and we even did a whole radio campaign dedicated to the issue. This year we want to pass the gauntlet to you.

We're asking all those dads out there to create a two minute video clip telling us why adoption/fostering is important to you, just like adoptive father Shegun has in the clip below. Please upload your videos to YouTube, tagging them with BAAFdads2011, then email a link to us. We'll share the best ones on our blog.

You don't have to be James Cameron or Steven Spielberg, or even have a video camera. Just use a mobile phone if that's all you have. What's important are your thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

That's the brief, here are a few rules...

  1. Whilst you may be tempted to include your children in your video, we would advise restricting it to just yourselves due to sensitivity and possible repercussions around showing adopted children
  2. Please keep to two minutes
  3. Please don't use music unless you own the rights to it
  4. Although we're not expecting the next Avatar we do need to be able to see and hear it properly to be able to appreciate your creations, so check it through before uploading it

That's all there is to it. Off you go! We look forward to sharing some of your short films around Father's Day.

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