Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Our adoption and fostering blog is one year old!

This month the BAAF adoption and fostering blog is just over a year old. When we started, we were not sure how popular our blog would be. But we are heartened that more and more people are taking the time to read our posts. We hope that by sharing personal accounts of adoption and fostering we can provide support and encouragement to others.

To celebrate our first anniversary we'd like to share some of the most popular posts. We hope this will provide anyone visiting our blog for the first time the chance to catch up on some of the classics, and for regular readers, provide a trip down memory lane.

Back last summer we launched our adoption film via our blog. One Family, Three Stories tells three different stories of adoption through the eyes of the young people. You can watch the film again below.

During last summer we also heard from two adoptive families about their first summer holiday together. Author of Frozen, Mike Butcher and his wife, had a brilliant holiday in Devon with their new son; while Paul's trip to Centre Parcs took an unexpected turn.

But our most popular blog post to date came in September, when we got to see adoption through the eyes of a nine year old boy. His simple drawing said so much about the complexity of these young lives, and moved many people to comment.

As we moved in to National Adoption Week we ran a series of posts about adoption from a variety of view points. But the one that seemed to touch people most was the adoption story from Ros and Gary, who suffered from the heartache of failed IVF, to the joys (and the challenges) of parenthood through adoption.

Then before we knew it Christmas was upon us. In January we heard from Ali, who with her husband, had spent their first Christmas as an adoptive family. It wasn't all plain sailing as they struggled to deal with years of bad parenting. But they made it through all the same.

In February actress, pop star and BAAF patron, Claire Grogan, explained why adoption is so important to her. Her frank and honest interview is an inspiration, and clearly you thought so too, as it remains one of our most popular posts.

As we moved in to spring it was the turn of fostering to be in the spot light. During Foster Care Fortnight, we heard from amazing foster mum, Andi Hider who has been fostering for 26 years. We then heard from Andy's fostered child, Pip.

But of course it isn't all just about the mums. As we approached our first anniversary we got to hear from the dads in some video diary Father's Day specials.

Do you have a favourite blog that we have missed out of in our round up? If so, please let us know. We'd also like to hear about any other adoption and fostering blogs you like reading - share the links with us in the comments section below. If you’d like to write an entry for our blog, please email us – press@baaf.org.uk

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