Friday, 8 July 2011

Providing support for black adopters and adopters of black children

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Following on from our 'Matching for black, Asian and minority ethnic children' conference earlier this week, we chat to one of BAAF's very own Trainer Consultants, Roana Roach, who specialises in black and minority ethnic (BME) issues.

My role at BAAF is similar to other Trainer Consultant positions here - we provide training and consultancy across a wide range of child care issues and disciplines, however our core work is on adoption and fostering.  I have a particular interest in BME issues and have some lead responsibility. Before working for BAAF I attended the Black Workers Support Group and now am one of the facilitators of the Black Workers Practice Group and am involved in a BAAF initiative working with consortia to provide support to adopters of black children.

We currently facilitate a support group for WLAC for black adopters (this includes adopters where one parent is black). This group meets bi-monthly at a central venue and provides a crèche for the children to enable the adults to have space to discuss positives, difficulties, resources and concerns.

As well as being a registered charity BAAF is also a membership agency for Local Authorities and independent adoption and fostering agencies. The role I have established within BAAF supports the perspectives of BME practitioners within the organisation’s strategy to provide and enable good practice within child care and fostering and adoption services for children.

Adoption is currently high on the agenda with recent legislative changes and the adoption and delay in placement of BME children in particular. Current challenges relate to engaging with consortia to discuss the opportunity for BAAF to provide this post adoption placement service in the current economic climate.

BAAF will be chairing a live Twitter Chat on Monday, July 25 focusing on BME adoption. In the meantime, why not check out our publications on the issues including Pathways to permanence for black, Asian & mixed ethnicity children and In Black and White.

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