Monday, 31 October 2011

Being adopted is the best thing that ever happened to me

As we kick off National Adoption Week, singer-songwriter Simon Clothier tells us about his experiences as an adopted person and how it has influenced his music.

I was born to a schoolgirl mother and adopted aged 8 weeks. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. An adopted child is a very special child, chosen by (not born to) very special parents. But many children have not been as lucky as me. Have you ever wondered what happens to a child that doesn't get chosen? I have, I do, and that's why I'm an Adoption Champion, to try to help get others thinking about the 4,000 children in care that need a stable and loving environment.

My adoption experience has been extremely positive. Not a day passes without me appreciating my good fortune. I was raised in a loving family as Mum and Dad already had a daughter, aged 4. They lavished upon me gifts of love, security and in Dad's case, a love of music. Being adopted and understanding my adoption has positively shaped the person I am today. It's core to my emotional fabric, manifesting itself in the music that I'm privileged to write and perform and which is one of the ways that I hope to give something back. If I can influence just one person or one couple to consider adoption it would mean so much to me. And therein lies the enormity of the challenge; getting people to think seriously about adopting a child, to look past the myths that sometimes cloud the perceptions of many because in truth you don't need a big house, you don't need to be under 40, in fact you don't need to be any number of things – what you do need to be is energetic, patient, generous and have a heart as big as an ocean. Trust me, I know.

In 2003 I pieced together my adoption story; it hit me how easy it is to become a mother or a father and how much harder it is to be a Mum or a Dad. I felt compelled to write to Mum & Dad telling them exactly what they meant to me, concluding as follows; "Thank you both for giving me such a huge chunk of your lives, I will treasure it always...x." And treasure it I do, every day, every week, every year.

Take the opportunity to give a chunk of your life to a child this National Adoption Week. Believe me, it'll be massively rewarding & they'll cherish it, always...

Over & Done, about one aspect of Simon's adoption, is available now thru Glider/Universal Records.

For more information about adoption, please visit the National Adoption Week website.

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