Friday, 4 November 2011

How adoption completed our family

As National Adoption Week draws to a close, we hear from Andrew and Janet, who have three children of their own, aged 23, 20 and 12 and later adopted a three year old boy.

Janet says of the adoption: "It all began back in November last year, Andrew came home one night and showed me a newspaper that had stories about children who needed a family to love them. I oooohed and aaaahed, then my eyes settled on this little boy who looked quite sad, I read and reread his profile and Andrew said 'have you spotted him' I looked up and just smiled and said forget it!

"The next day I reread the story again and decided to send them an email. Something was telling me that this little boy was meant to be ours.

"A few weeks went by and then one day out of the blue the telephone rang and a young woman spoke to me asking if it was possible to talk about a little boy called Sam. I was thinking to myself we should be having grandchildren not any more of our own, but we knew from that first time we saw his profile that he should be ours neither one of us could shake this feeling.

"The day came when Sam's social worker came to visit, we were scared for some reason but they were very warm and friendly. We were told up front that Sam had quite a few disabilities, he was partially sighted and had learning disabilities. They also told us what a lovely little boy he was, full of spirit and fight. Andrew and I could see past the disabilities as we already had one child with similar problems.

"So the process started with home visits, talking in detail about our family life, individual lives, work, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. The lists go on and on. They are not judging you, they are making sure that the children are placed in a loving secure environment. Most of the children placed for adoption have been through a life time of hurt and disappointments, the social workers just want to make sure that they will have a better life with you.

"Now its November 2011 and our lives have changed so much. We are proud to announce that we are the parents of a beautiful little boy who is a complete joy. He has a mum and dad that love him more than life itself, sisters who dote on his every wish and grandparents, uncles and aunts who spoil him very much. We thought our family was complete but all this time we were waiting for Sam to come along and complete our family."

For more information and advice about adoption, please visit the National Adoption Week website.

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