Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Andrew Barton: running the London Marathon for the British Association for Adoption & Fostering

April 22 marks the 2012 London Marathon. As we approach the big day, we hear from BAAF patron Andrew Barton, who is attempting the trek around the capital to raise funds for adoption and fostering.

It's been an ambition of mine for many years to run the London Marathon. I'm generally pretty fit and try to look after myself the best I can with some form of exercise scheduled into my diary most days. I'm 45 this year and with it being the Olympic Year and all I thought this is the year to do it! My London apartment is on the course and last year I watched the runners and got very excited so emailed BAAF and asked if they had a charity place for me to run. I went out for supper that night and laughed and joked that I was going to run the marathon for BAAF, my chosen charity of which I dedicate all of my charitable work to, and here I am running my first marathon. HELP!

My parents didn't think they could have children and chose to adopt. I was their first child and a year later they adopted another little boy; seven years later they did have their own natural birth and we got a sister! The three of us are all incredibly close and I've never thought about my adoptive family as being anything other than mine. They are my natural family and the ones that have shaped me into the man I am today which makes me believe in the power of nurture! Sadly we lost dad when we were quite young as a family and we lost mum last year which has been a huge wrench but their love has empowered me to support BAAF in its incredible work to help other children have a "Forever Family". So for the memory of my wonderful parents I'm proud to speak of my experience of adoption and how it affected me.

Training for the marathon is tough at times and at other times is euphoric. It's an incredible personal challenge and I'm proud of what I’m doing so that keeps me going. I never realised just how much I’d get out of the challenge! SO much of my life is about my work and career so to do something so personal is amazing! My friend Pauw is a personal trainer so he's been coaching me and building my strength to run 27 miles!!!!!!!!!! Yikes!

I'd LOVE it if people are on the route to support me give me a yell of encouragement but much more than that I'd LOVE it if anyone can support my fundraising for BAAF by sponsoring me here and help me reach my £10,000 target!

If you would like to take part in a fundraising challenge for BAAF, please visit the main website.

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