Monday, 11 June 2012

A Modern Family

Last month we launched the first in our series of adoption and fostering videos, made with help from the BBC. Today, we unveil the second - an insight into adoption in Wales - which features the story of Sara, who adopted her daughter Sam as a single mother.

We hope that this short film will illustrate that there are many different routes to a happy family life.

I was in my late thirties and in a long term relationship when I first started thinking about adoption. When the relationship broke down, I applied as a single person as I knew I still wanted to be a parent, even though many people would consider the challenges of raising a child as a single parent would be greater than those faced by a couple. I was assessed and approved as a single adopter and eventually my daughter Sam moved in with me shortly after her fourth birthday. Meeting Sam for the first time was an emotional moment for me as the idea of becoming a parent became real when I realised that this little girl was to become a part of my life forever. Sam had been living with a foster carer for the previous year,so it was a hard time for her dealing with all the changes, but luckily I was able to take eight months off work before she started school, which gave us time to bond as mum and daughter.

Sam is now ten years old and a lot has changed in our lives over the past six years. Soon after I adopted Sam, I met my future husband Terry, a widower with three grown up sons. We came together as a family and when Sam was eight, he adopted her as well. We married last year, with Sam as our bridesmaid on a happy day for all the family. Sam now has three wonderful brothers as well as aunties, uncles cousins and friends who have all embraced the new extended family.

Sam is a wonderful daughter. The love I have for her was difficult to convey in the interview I gave but she has brought so much joy to us and to both our families. She is lively and full of fun, loving and caring.Sam was keen to take part in the project and enjoyed the brief moment of fame as she was filmed in the park as well as the added attention from school friends who were impressed with her being filmed by the BBC! We were lucky to have a warm and sunny day for the filming and we were able to go outdoors and make the most of the good weather.

We hope that the film shows something of how three people can come together from very different past lives to create a new life together... We love watching 'Modern Family' and feel that we have our very own modern family which may not have come about in a traditional way but is all the more appreciated because of that.

For more personal stories and videos about adoption and fostering, please visit our YouTube channel.

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